Friday, 1 March 2013

three points where two lines meet

 glasses; vision express
leather jacket; republic
floral jacket; charity shop
shorts; DIY
belt; primark
shoes; office
scarf; h&m

let me start by apologising for my lack of blogging after only writing one post. a lot has been happening recently and although i am currently living in basingstoke i managed to leave my camera in brighton. i didn't want to put any rubbish quality photos up but have decided, finally, that i will do some outfit posts using my iphone as i guess it's better than nothing!

i went to paris with every intention of getting some outfit photos but failed miserably. all of these were taken without me even realising. everyone was looking at me like i was crazy because it was so cold, what they didnt know was that i had two pairs of tights on, one being the primark supercosys which really are super cosy. am i right that tights are sooo much warmer than trousers anyway?! plus a cami, thick denim shirt and two jackets. this is actually pretty sensible for me- i mean i had gloves on! luckily i drank plenty of wine meaning i had the additional alcohol jacket on.

after being told i had to wear glasses for concentrated tasks a couple of weeks ago, i now can't take them off without getting massive headaches. how i didn't realise this before i don't know- silly zoe. the downside of this is i don't want people to think they're not prescription because i can't stand it when people wear 'fake' glasses. my favorite part of this outfit is my floral jacket which i got in the oxfam tent at bestival for a mere fiver. it is so versatile i wear it with everything. 

paris was so beautiful but i definitely want to go back in the summer when it's warmer and not snowing. i took so many impractical clothes and barely touched my suitcase the whole time. while i was there i didn't get too much shopping i just picked up an eiffel tower charm for my pandora and some BIODERMA (it really does live up to the hype)

let me know if you have any paris recommendations for if i go again!

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