Tuesday, 26 March 2013

dainty doll liquid foudation

i think Dainty Doll is one of the most intelligent make up brands on the market. Nicola Roberts created this line especially for pale girls, like myself. 

after years and years of using maybelline dream matte mousse I decided it was time for a change and so for the last six months i have been on the hunt for a foundation that is more true to my skin tone. after many trips in to debenhams for a colour match (every single brand chose the lightest shade and every one was soooo wrong!) i stumbled across a dainty doll stand in boots on oxford street. normally i have to take a tester but knowing the brands focus was on paleys i took the plunge, being the absolute daredevil that i am!

let me start by saying this is the first ever foundation I have used which has come even remotely close to the natural colour of my skin. i got the foundation in shade 003 medium. they were sold out of 002 light and 001 very light is practically white, which was TOO PALE for me. i never thought i would see the day a foundation was too light for my skin! the coverage is medium but is buildable, i do tend to build this up a fair bit. it gives a very natural finish and blends easily. the packaging is sleek and simple, but i think it feels quite cheap and i don't know if i just got a dud but my pump plays up a lot as well- sob sob sob! for me personally, it is too dewy and i need to invest in a good matte powder to compensate for that.  i actually picked up the dainty doll powder as well which i thought was complete rubbish and does nothing for me whatsoever. 

in reality, if it wasn't for the colour i would probably dismiss this foundation but as it stands i can't sing this foundation (and the brands) praises enough. not all of us want to fake tan, some of us actually like being pale and thank god there is finally a brand out there that has recognised it!

DISCLAIMER- i was blessed by the skin gods in that i am not in any way acne prone and i very rarely get spots. however, my skin is dry, dehydrated and dull, as well as being extremely sensitive (eczema sufferer). after using this for two weeks i have seen no evidence of it irritating my skin or emphasising any dryness. i can't however comment on how it would be on anyone elses skin type.

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