Wednesday, 27 March 2013

mickey's leather clad girlfriend

so i don't care how ridiculous you think these ears are. I LOVE THEM. now obviously i won't be wearing these down to the supermarket but i can tell you now- come festival season these will be attached to my head. and the possibilities for fancy dress! they were £12.50 which might seem a bit overpriced but i can confidently predict i will have these for years to come. they were a gift from my mama and what a freaking treat they are. everyone needs a few things just because and not for practicality. (forgive the webcam photos and pathetic attempt at a cute mouse impression)

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

dainty doll liquid foudation

i think Dainty Doll is one of the most intelligent make up brands on the market. Nicola Roberts created this line especially for pale girls, like myself. 

after years and years of using maybelline dream matte mousse I decided it was time for a change and so for the last six months i have been on the hunt for a foundation that is more true to my skin tone. after many trips in to debenhams for a colour match (every single brand chose the lightest shade and every one was soooo wrong!) i stumbled across a dainty doll stand in boots on oxford street. normally i have to take a tester but knowing the brands focus was on paleys i took the plunge, being the absolute daredevil that i am!

let me start by saying this is the first ever foundation I have used which has come even remotely close to the natural colour of my skin. i got the foundation in shade 003 medium. they were sold out of 002 light and 001 very light is practically white, which was TOO PALE for me. i never thought i would see the day a foundation was too light for my skin! the coverage is medium but is buildable, i do tend to build this up a fair bit. it gives a very natural finish and blends easily. the packaging is sleek and simple, but i think it feels quite cheap and i don't know if i just got a dud but my pump plays up a lot as well- sob sob sob! for me personally, it is too dewy and i need to invest in a good matte powder to compensate for that.  i actually picked up the dainty doll powder as well which i thought was complete rubbish and does nothing for me whatsoever. 

in reality, if it wasn't for the colour i would probably dismiss this foundation but as it stands i can't sing this foundation (and the brands) praises enough. not all of us want to fake tan, some of us actually like being pale and thank god there is finally a brand out there that has recognised it!

DISCLAIMER- i was blessed by the skin gods in that i am not in any way acne prone and i very rarely get spots. however, my skin is dry, dehydrated and dull, as well as being extremely sensitive (eczema sufferer). after using this for two weeks i have seen no evidence of it irritating my skin or emphasising any dryness. i can't however comment on how it would be on anyone elses skin type.

Monday, 4 March 2013

she called me chauvinistic but she can't even spell it.


jumper; oxfam
skirt; primark
shoes; office
nails; MUA shade 23
lips; look beauty shade 8- hypermelon
ring; republic
bracelets; pandora and a gift (?)

oh the irony of the title of this post! i had to google chauvinistic to see if i'd spelled it right.

staggered by the amount of page views i am getting- 100 a day. i know that in the grand scheme of things that's not very many but to me it means a lot! 

i'm trying recently to move away from wearing shorts as much, they are still my favorite thing in the world but it can be pretty samey and boring. this midi skirt is really good quality for primark and i think it was only about £7- so no complaints! now i know what you're all thinking- the jumper?! what possessed me to buy it. well i saw it in the oxfam tent at bestival back in 2011 and fell in love with it. my boyfriend thought it was hideous but i had to have it. once it was on he said it looked nice, not sure if he just didn't want to make me mad though. i normally wear it more casually , with denim or leggings (and always get the weirdest looks) but today i wondered what it would look like with a more formal skirt and like how it turned out. lesson for today- don't be afraid to experiment and even if people think you look weird- who cares if you feel comfortable. at least it's not boring!

i am taking my daddy and perhaps my godfather to see django unchained tonight which, thinking about it, if i'm seeing my future husband- leonardo dicaprio i might have to change out of this hot jumper ;)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

i built a man made out of bricks, and lived inside his chest

dress; h&m
tights; primark
jacket; primark
shoes; office
ring; republic
lips; kate moss for rimmel 107

are you all impressed by me keeping my word and saying i will be blogging often!? i'm almost shocked myself but i'm really enjoying it. forgive the horrific quality of these images, i'm on my mum's computer so can't use my normal editing software and as soon as i cropped the photo it looked so blurry and weird.

fairly simple outfit today as i wasn't really doing much. how amazing are polkadot tights, i used to wear them a couple of years ago but stopped for some reason. i think they are so cute, the downside is the expense compared to how long they actually last, which is one-two wears. fresh on today and already laddered! this tshirt dress from primark is amazing, i wanted it in a size 18 but they only had a 16 and i do still wish it was a bit more oversized but i like it none the less, it will go so well with my array of patterned jackets! and the price was a major plus. talking of sizing issues- this hat is way too small for my head but i couldn't bring myself to take it back because i love the colour so much. i have decided there is no way i'm giving up the a/w dark reds and berries trend. this kate moss/rimmel lippie is only the second lipstick i've ever finished. i am so attatched it's a bit ridiculous and will definitely be repurchasing. these shoes have barely been walking but after wearing them to digital they have been well and truly battered. i think i will start wearing them more often though as i love boots so much but always feel self conscious being a foot taller than everyone else. these are just little mini heels so prevent any #tallgirlproblems from flaring up.

i'm already planning my spring/summer wardrobe, i genuinely can not wait. not that i have anything to do or any money to do with it. i love all my friends to bits but it can be lonely having them spread out along the south coast. if anyone has any festival suggestions for a girl who loves glastonbury and likes bestival then send them my way! i'm looking to getting day passes this year.

Friday, 1 March 2013

three points where two lines meet

 glasses; vision express
leather jacket; republic
floral jacket; charity shop
shorts; DIY
belt; primark
shoes; office
scarf; h&m

let me start by apologising for my lack of blogging after only writing one post. a lot has been happening recently and although i am currently living in basingstoke i managed to leave my camera in brighton. i didn't want to put any rubbish quality photos up but have decided, finally, that i will do some outfit posts using my iphone as i guess it's better than nothing!

i went to paris with every intention of getting some outfit photos but failed miserably. all of these were taken without me even realising. everyone was looking at me like i was crazy because it was so cold, what they didnt know was that i had two pairs of tights on, one being the primark supercosys which really are super cosy. am i right that tights are sooo much warmer than trousers anyway?! plus a cami, thick denim shirt and two jackets. this is actually pretty sensible for me- i mean i had gloves on! luckily i drank plenty of wine meaning i had the additional alcohol jacket on.

after being told i had to wear glasses for concentrated tasks a couple of weeks ago, i now can't take them off without getting massive headaches. how i didn't realise this before i don't know- silly zoe. the downside of this is i don't want people to think they're not prescription because i can't stand it when people wear 'fake' glasses. my favorite part of this outfit is my floral jacket which i got in the oxfam tent at bestival for a mere fiver. it is so versatile i wear it with everything. 

paris was so beautiful but i definitely want to go back in the summer when it's warmer and not snowing. i took so many impractical clothes and barely touched my suitcase the whole time. while i was there i didn't get too much shopping i just picked up an eiffel tower charm for my pandora and some BIODERMA (it really does live up to the hype)

let me know if you have any paris recommendations for if i go again!