Friday, 4 January 2013

hello, my name is zoe and..

after a pretty long time of people telling me to start a blog- I AM! 
i think everyone reading this will already know me but let me give you the goss just in case. i'm a student teacher in brighton (not the most fashionable job around but hey ho) but i am not one hundred percent sure that it's what i want to do. i am very interested in fashion and writing, although if i were to be serious about this i may have to overcome my fear of using capital letters- they are so so so ugly. i am twenty years old, i love florence welch and harry potter and enjoy florals.

on ze blog you shall discover- mainly outfits of the day, an obscene amount of red lipstick, a little bit of lifestyle and a dash of music. i may also delve in to the beauty world but to be honest i really don't know much about it. i love wearing make up but i am far from being an expert. if there is something i love though you all will be the first to know. but mostly, and probably disappointingly, you will see a lot of my face and me posing in weird clothes!

isn't it fitting i start this off with the most terrible quality, iphone photo?! images will be getting better, cross my heart hope to die. the header on my computer looks a nice blue but on my mum's you can barely see it. so apparently i need to fix this too.