Saturday, 5 July 2014

Festival Packing: Fashion

I have read a lot online recently that ridicules the term 'festival fashion,' and I can't understand why. In my opinion, you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. For me that means I put some thought in to my outfits, like I do every day, but I don't judge people who take one pair of trousers and a tshirt to see them through the week. If you are reading this you probably have an interest in fashion and like me want the chance to experiment with your outfits whilst at a festival. It is all about feeling confident in what you are wearing, and for that you need to be comfortable but stylish.

Over the years I have been to a fair few festivals and like to think I have got the packing nailed! Here are my tips on compiling a wardrobe for five days!

001. Firstly, let's address what you are going to pack your things in. I have tried different things; bags stacked on a pull along trolley, a suitcase, but I have found the best to be a RUCKSACK. Sports Direct always have these on sale and there are so many handy compartment and bits to hang your sleeping bag off etc etc. You can normally pick one up for under £50 and they are such a great investment.

002. WEAR WELLIES. A pretty obvious one I think. Personally, I wear my wellies there and that's the only footwear I take to save on packing. They keep you dry but they also give you some ankle support for doing a lot of walking and prevent your toes from being crushed in crowds. My wellies of choice are Hunters - if you go to a few festivals invest in a decent welly. So much more comfortable than a cheapy Primark number and they last, actually saving you money in the long run. But if you have stronger ankles than me and are going to a smaller festival, you might want to take some vans or converse - I really wouldn't recommend flip flops.

003. LEGS. Tights dry quicker than jeans or leggings- the motto which I live my life by. If it's raining I'd much rather have bare legs or thin tights on that be stuck in a soggy pair of jeans for the rest of the day- or worse keeping them stinking in the tent. As a rule I wear shorts or dresses with tights in the day then pack a thick pair of leggings for the colder evenings.

004. PAC-A-MAC. I have a mac which folds up into a pouch with a clip which I attach to my bag for easy access. Topshop sell lovely rain macs which look incredible but you won't want to be wearing it in a hot and sweaty tent- then what are you going to do with it?

005. BIKINIS AS UNDERWEAR. Ladies are you with me here when I say that bras are the devils handiwork?! I wear a bikini come rain or shine because a) they're so much more comfortable, and b) I can take my top off when I get too hot. No brainer.

006. PYJAMAS. Nothing beats getting into pyjamas after you've had a tiring day. End of.

007. SOCKS. Take more than you think you'll need. You will thank me. And go above the knee, not knee high. So much more flattering.

008. A CARDIGAN/ JACKET. A rain mac will keep you dry but not warm. In the evenings you'll definitely want an oversized cardi or a big denim jacket to keep you cosy!

009. ACCESSORIZE. The beauty of festivals is that there is so much opportunity to experiment with fashion! Pack your floral crowns and your hats and your big chunky jewellery and have fun with your outfits!

010. PLAN YOUR OUTFITS and make a check list. There's nothing worse than looking at a bag full of clothes and not knowing what to do with it. Plan your outfits to be versatile and almost take a little capsule wardrobe with you. Denim shorts can be worn multiple times and a little tshirt dress takes up no room but can be accessorized beautifully! Take enough with you so that you can change in the evenings, with no shower it's nice to have a refresh and get out of wet clothes (be that from rain or sweat- ew).

011. PACK THINGS YOU DON'T MIND GETTING DIRTY. because they will get dirty if you're truly enjoying yourself!

My final tip is don't pack too many clothes but don't pack too little either. One year I only took a small bag with me with about 4 vest tops and 1 pair of shorts and it was just not enough. Don't try to be over practical!

Here are some shots of me putting those tips in to action (excuse the old photos):

A typical festival outfit for me which I think is practical but still looks good (note my pac-a-mac hanging from my bag!)
Putting my bikini theory into action + loving a clean toilet
One of my all time favorite festival outfits

Loving life in the rain and mud

Nothing wrong with a floral crown
Here's a sneaky peek of what to expect from my beauty packing post!

Whatever festival you are attending this year I hope you have an amazing time and stay tuned for more of my festival packing series- coming up is beauty and miscellaneous. When I'm done I might put together the ultimate packing checklist- let me know what you think!