Sunday, 3 March 2013

i built a man made out of bricks, and lived inside his chest

dress; h&m
tights; primark
jacket; primark
shoes; office
ring; republic
lips; kate moss for rimmel 107

are you all impressed by me keeping my word and saying i will be blogging often!? i'm almost shocked myself but i'm really enjoying it. forgive the horrific quality of these images, i'm on my mum's computer so can't use my normal editing software and as soon as i cropped the photo it looked so blurry and weird.

fairly simple outfit today as i wasn't really doing much. how amazing are polkadot tights, i used to wear them a couple of years ago but stopped for some reason. i think they are so cute, the downside is the expense compared to how long they actually last, which is one-two wears. fresh on today and already laddered! this tshirt dress from primark is amazing, i wanted it in a size 18 but they only had a 16 and i do still wish it was a bit more oversized but i like it none the less, it will go so well with my array of patterned jackets! and the price was a major plus. talking of sizing issues- this hat is way too small for my head but i couldn't bring myself to take it back because i love the colour so much. i have decided there is no way i'm giving up the a/w dark reds and berries trend. this kate moss/rimmel lippie is only the second lipstick i've ever finished. i am so attatched it's a bit ridiculous and will definitely be repurchasing. these shoes have barely been walking but after wearing them to digital they have been well and truly battered. i think i will start wearing them more often though as i love boots so much but always feel self conscious being a foot taller than everyone else. these are just little mini heels so prevent any #tallgirlproblems from flaring up.

i'm already planning my spring/summer wardrobe, i genuinely can not wait. not that i have anything to do or any money to do with it. i love all my friends to bits but it can be lonely having them spread out along the south coast. if anyone has any festival suggestions for a girl who loves glastonbury and likes bestival then send them my way! i'm looking to getting day passes this year.


  1. Oh my god I LOVE this outfit so much. Like literally my idea of style perfection! You look so cute!

    I'm also from Brighton by the way!

    Are you going to glasto this year? It's going to be my first one, but I'm going with my boyfriend and his mates so would be nice to meet up with a fellow blogger girly if you are!

    Lovely blog, seeing as I love your style I'm going to be your first follower!!
    Would love for you to check my blog out and follow if you likey! I'll be doing a giveaway when I reach 200 followers :-) 7 to go!

    Love Rosie x

    1. thankyou- you're so sweet! i'm currently having some time off from uni so not back in brighton properly until september. i have put down my deposit for glasto but none of my friends got tickets and i dont know if im going to have the money to pay the balance so i might have to sacrifice my ticket- sob!

  2. Thanks for sending me your link! your hair is bloody amazing.I love that dress I need myself a good plain black dress, i used to always wear spotty tights haha i miss it !